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OverHand is a revolutionary group fitness class. Our workouts are inspired by boxing, designed by a 7-time world champion, and tech-enhanced to be more fun, effective, and interactive. Participants can track their real-time performance, get targeted feedback from coaches, and take part in a gamified experience that pushes them to the next level.

About Overhand Fitness

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Overhand Fitness offers a complete workout experience through wearable trackers, which power real-time friendly competition and community team building.

  • Gym differentiation

    Are you looking to make your gym experience more special? Overhand is an easy and affordable solution to boost your popularity.

  • High Quality Group Training

    Over 90% of people prefer training in groups. Our classes are designed and structured by world class coaches to be highly engaging and effective.

  • Tracking Individual Progress

    Meeting fitness goals keeps you motivated. Overhand participants retain access to their training data to measure progress over time

  • Empowering Private Trainers

    Overhand gives private trainers access to clients data to motivate and produce tailored content'

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